The city of Brixen / Bressanone

Art, culture and history have made Brixen an important place to be. The South Tyrolean town is more than 1,000 years old; it is the oldest in South Tyrol and was often a stopover for emperors on their travel and became a lavish bishop’s seat. Today, it offers an interesting connection between joie-de-vivre and reflection. The unique square in front of the cathedral, the protected large-scale historic centre from the Middle Ages, the porticos and lanes decorated with merlons, museum treasures, craft tradition and archaeological exhibits invite you to discover and enjoy modern events, cabarets and concerts.

The city of Brixen/Bressanone


The origin of the thousand-year-old town at the confluence of the Rienza and the Isarco dates back to the donation of the Prihsna farm by the Carolingian king Ludovico "il Fanciullo" to Bishop Zaccaria of Sabiona in the year 901. Bressanone was for a long time the seat of the princely bishopric of the same name and until 1972 the bishop's residence. The importance of the city as the cultural and spiritual center of the historical Tyrol is still demonstrated today by many artistic treasures. 

Art, culture and history of thought deeply characterize the city of Brixen. The South Tyrolean city has more than 1000 years of history and is considered to be the oldest city in Tyrol, which has always been the destination of emperors as well as a sumptuous bishop's town. Today the city is a fascinating combination of lightness of life and meditation. The unique Piazza Duomo, the large medieval town center under the protection of art, the arcades and narrow streets with traditional battlements, museum treasures, crafts and precious archaeological sites, invite you to a fascinating journey through time. The worldliness is characterized by events, cabaret and concerts.


Bressanone is the third largest municipality in South Tyrol after Bolzano and Merano and the seat of the district community of Valle Isarco. According to the 2011 census, 72.82% of the inhabitants are German native speakers, 25.84% are Italian and 1.34% Ladin.


The municipal territory of Bressanone extends from 500 m to 2,450 m above sea level (the main town 560 m) and covers 84.86 square kilometers. Apart from the old town area and the districts of Stufels, Milland and Kranebitt, as well as the adjacent residential, craft and commercial zones, the following fractions belong to the municipality Albeins, Gereuth, Klerant, Karnol, Elvas, Afers, Mahr, Mellaun, Pairdorf, Untereben, Pinzagen, Plabach, St. Andrä, Tschötsch, St. Leonhard, Tötschling, Tils, Mairdorf, Kranebitt, Rutzenberg, Sarns



As the largest city in the Eisack Valley, Bressanone is an important business location. Thanks to its central position in the Valle Isarco, surrounded by many large and small villages and towns, and situated directly on the north-south connection, Bressanone is very easy to reach. The economic interdependence with international companies in the neighboring states is very favorable.

For years Bressanone has been experiencing a remarkable upswing in its economic development. The service sector and tourism are the mainstay of the local labor market with 67.6% of the workforce, followed by industry (19.3%), crafts (6.8%) and agriculture (6.4%). Another important factor for Bressanone as a business location is the availability of a qualified workforce, which is ensured above all by the continuous development and expansion of schools and by the establishment of the University of Bressanone. For years Bressanone has relied on a versatile economic structure and a mix of large, medium and small companies in the fields of trade, industry and commerce.


Brixen is a university town, being the seat of the Philosophical-Theological University at the Seminary (founded in 1607) and since 2001 also of the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano. Furthermore, Bressanone has a wide range of educational opportunities and, with its modern structures, has made a name for itself as a cultural and congress center.

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